Horse Riding Tours Jordan

Horse Riding Holidays in Jordan


Discover the south of Jordan on horseback where nature is breathtakingly beautiful and rugged. One of its natural wonders is the most impressive desert landscape in the world; Wadi Rum. This vast, echoing and colorful desert is a true paradise for nature lovers. Our 4 and 6 day horse rides take you from the mountainous area around Petra with stunning views to the vast sand plains and steep rock formations of Wadi Rum.

Join us on one of these great rides and enjoy long canters on beautiful desert roads, experience camping under the stars and taste fantastic local food. 
Eid and the horses look forward to meeting you !

On the shorter horse rides we explore the beautiful mountains around Petra with fantastic views over Little Petra and the Wadi Araba desert. 


"A six day adventure in the desert Wadi Rum - bright sun, blue sky, a lot of sand and good company. Food is delicious! Thank you so much for this great week. - Tine Gensmantel"
"Absolutely amazing! The people, the landscape, the horses, the food - I absolutely loved it all ! - Janina Berghoff"
"Thank you Patricia and Eid for this lovely ride ! Nido is an adorable and joyful horse, I had fun and much pleasure to ride him! All the best to you ! - Cecile Parisio"



Horse Riding Holiday in Jordan; from Petra to Wadi Rum