Your guide: Eid

I was born and raised in Wadi Musa and as a young boy I started working in Petra with my family's horse bringing tourists from the entrance to the Treasury.
For almost 20 years I've been guiding horse tours here in the mountains and also from Petra to Wadi Rum. My family has always lived in this area and so I know the mountains around Petra very well.

I look forward to meeting you and to showing you my beautiful country !

Eid Alhasanat



Our horses are all local breeds; they are not very tall, about 1.50m at the withers, but they are extremely strong and sturdy and perfectly fit to work in tough conditions. They are like 4x4's in the mountains and they love a good gallop in the desert. 



Year of birth: 2000

This lady is a pro, she's not the youngest anymore but she has energy for 10 and she's a tough cookie. In her younger years she successfully ran multiple 120 km endurance races in Jordan.

She is by far Eid favorite horse but if you're a good rider who can handle some serious horse power he might let you ride her :-)



Year of birth: 2007

This funny little guy was born here with us. We lost his mom when he was only six weeks old so he has been bottle fed. The result: he’s a huge fan of people, he loves attention and understands very little horsey-language. He’s a very sweet and happy horse, and he is a lot of fun to ride for people who are not afraid on a very forward and enthusiastic horse.



Year of birth: +/- 2010

This little boy is incredibly cute, he's very forward and he needs an experienced rider but he's well-behaved and quite easy to control.

He is a lightweight horse so he only gets paired up with lightweight riders :-) Despite his thin frame he is in excellent condition and he has tons of energy and he loves to be in the front of the group.



Year of birth: +/- 2000

This cute boy had a hard life, he worked in Petra as a carriage horse and he was covered in wounds when he arrived at our stables in April. He is very sweet so despite the fact that he had to work hard he was treated nicely.
Some of his wounds are still healing so we only take him on a short ride every now and then to keep his muscles working but other than that he's relaxing and eating.



Year of Birth: 2009

This beauty was born and raised in Petra but she definitely has some Anlgo-Arab blood running through her veins. She's a bit taller and wider than our local boys and girls. She is pretty easy to ride but she's not lazy and she does love a good gallop in Wadi Rum.



Year of birth: 2013

This young lady was born in the north of Jordan and spent some time on the race track in Amman. Despite her history she is pretty relaxed most of the time but every now and then she will show you she's a thoroughbred ... and needles to say she loves a good gallop as well :-)





Year of birth: 2006

She’s a small mare with a huge heart. She does all of the four and six day rides when she's not busy being a mommy and she absolutely loves it. She has a sweet character with a typical “mare” attitude towards other horses on those days of the month :-)
She’s a very calm and relaxed horse to ride but she’s definitely not lazy, she's a fast walker and she loves a good run.



Year of birth: 2013

This young mare recently joined the group. She is very willing to please and well-behaved but she's quite spirited so she needs a calm and confident rider who can handle the enthusiasm of a young horse.